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We schedule periodic visits to the suppliers and personally evaluate requested products that we procure for our clients, ensuring that the product quality meets expectations.


Before starting any new partnership with a supplier, we run a control of their certificates in line with the industry standards of the selected product line.


As a company specialised in import of goods, we have more than 10 years of experience of collaboration with major European logistics companies to manage imports from Asia.


Importing products from China is a difficult and complex process that requires high precision and knowledge of international trade laws.

Every year, thousands of importers make several mistakes, sometimes with significant consequences on the company, because they underestimate the international import process and the key steps that must be carried out with precision.

On the other hand, our success in international import relies on years of experience and on business ties with the most important producers and suppliers in the Asian market. We offer to our clients – no matter startups, SMEs or big companies – the possibility to purchase any type of product needed.

Our services come at a competitive price, comparing to wholesale traders on the market, whilst ensuring a safe and fast route of the goods, all until delivery to the client.

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contact us to request a quote or the necessary information.

If you intend to purchase one or more products for your business, as a company specialised in imports, we can help thanks to our expertise in international import.

The products we can procure are manufactured by leading companies in the sector, which follow the international and European regulations for production and are certified with Quality Standard Certificates that conform to the rules of European and non-European countries.

Client satisfaction is our main KPI and we make sure to achieve it by constant interaction and timely communication throughout the import process.

Business Import And Export OÜ purchases each load through various pre-established procedures for the management of shipments and international buying and selling, complying with the Incoterms® (International Commercial Terms) rules.

Incoterms® establish a very precise set of rules, as well as outline agreements between the parties and rules related to the delivery of goods between two companies, worldwide.

These rules are designed to define the responsibilities of the various parties involved during an international commercial transaction of Import or Export: from the seller’s office, to the transport from the place of release of the goods to the buyer’s premises.

As a company, we are well familiar with the rules for import management, thereby making the the process faster. In addition, we avoid any risks or problems related to the management of the onerous documentation required by the customs authorities, which could otherwise lead to huge unforeseen costs.

Our company, specialised in International Imports, boasts a multi-year collaboration with the main European international transport companies.

This allows the Business Import and Export OÜ to:

  • Offer the desired transport methods (Sea, Rail, Air);
  • Operate through the main European ports, such as Port of Rotterdam, Port of Hamburg, Port of Antwerp, Port of Bremerhaven, Port of Genoa, Port of Gioia Tauro, Port of Valencia, Port of Algeciras, etc.
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